3 Ways To Travel Cheap In 2018 (Bonga Points Is Actually One Of Them)

Travel Cheap

Everyone deserves a break every now and then, especially if they are as hardworking as you are. You simply cannot wait to get rich before you see the world, so you must find ways to travel cheap in 2018.

Apart from giving you a brief hiatus from the hustle, travel broadens your horizons, enhances your tolerance to uncertainty and gets you real-life education.

The personal benefits of travel far outweigh the cost.  If you’re frugal, travel costs may be a huge cause for concern, driving you to abandon all hope of ever visiting new places.

Consider some of these tips on your next rendezvous, especially if you’re a thrifty traveler.


Travel off-peak

Most destinations in Africa,  Asia, and Europe are suitable to travel all year round, depending on your objectives. Do you want to sunbathe, backpack, watch wildlife or scale a mountain?

Different destinations have months in which tourists are recommended to visit. Unfortunately, these months tend to attract higher crowds and skyrocketing accommodation and flight prices.

Even though game viewing is most preferred in dry seasons due to higher animal sightings, that should not deter you from visiting during the wetter months if you want to travel cheap.

A trained guide should be able to navigate the wild, leading you to spots where animals like to hide when the rain and long savannah grass permit.

Due to fewer crowds, off-peak seasons allow you to travel cheap because entry fees, accommodation, and flights are greatly subsidized. This is not the case during major holidays like Easter, Christmas and New Years.

If you want to travel cheap to the destinations outlined below, consider visiting during the suggested months:

  • Cape Town, South Africa: March to May & September to November
  • Johannesburg, South Africa: March to May & September to November
  • Amboseli, Kenya: June to October
  • Zanzibar: June to October
  • Paris, France: December to February
  • Rome, Italy: April to May & September to October
  • Barcelona, Spain: January to February
  • Bangkok, Thailand: April to May
  • Serengeti, Tanzania: April to June
  • Ngorongoro, Tanzania: April to June
  • , Rwanda: January to March
  • Lake Nakuru, Kenya: June to October

You are bound to save loads of cash on hotel bookings and air tickets. Fewer tourists at your destinations might lead to a more pleasant experience. Who likes a crowded beach or pop up tour van? Not you.


Redeem your Bonga Points


Lipa Holiday Bonga Points


Bonga points is Safaricom’s loyalty scheme for prepay and post-pay subscribers. Once registered, you start earning points immediately. Every time you spend KSh 10 on voice calls, SMS or data, you earn a point, so the more you use your line, the more Bonga points you accumulate.

You can then redeem your rewards for talk time, data, SMS, Safaricom merchandise and recently, holidays. Vacay Holiday Deals would like you to spend close to nothing during your trips through Lipa Holiday na Bonga Points plan.

How many Bonga points do you have so far? You can now redeem them for your trips through the following steps:

  • Dial *126 # on your phone and select Lipa na Bonga Points Option
  • Select pay bill option
  • Enter business number 510800
  • Enter payment reference/ name/ narrative account (to be provided by Vacay Holiday Deals)
  • Enter the amount (5 Bonga points convert to KSh 1)
  • Confirm the details entered above
  • Enter your pin number
  • You will then receive a confirmation SMS


Consider group travel

Most hotels provide group rates on accommodations – the price goes down for each person sharing a room. There are also subsidized rates for entry passes into parks, museums, and other tourist attractions as well as transport.

Because you are splitting costs, you have some cash left over to see more things and do more activities.

You will also have someone to watch your back when traversing through crowded streets in unknown places where pickpockets abound.

Of course, most people do not do well in groups and prefer solo travel. If you suspect this about yourself, why don’t you find out your travel type through our quiz?


Go on self-drive trips


Self Drive Safari


Self-drive is far more exciting than other modes of transport, you can take in breathtaking views during your road trip and even stop your car and linger at a tourist attraction for as long as you like.

If you are going on self-drive safari or road trip, there are three options to consider so that you can travel cheap:

  • Self-catered, self-drive safari: You plan, drive, cook, spot animals, set up camp and clean all on your own. Though it sounds laborious your wallet will be thoroughly pleased. Besides, those who fly solo have the strongest wings. This experience won’t kill you, it will only make you and your pockets stronger.
  • Self-catered, self-drive safari planned by your travel agent: You get to do everything except planning. Pay your travel agent to organize your trip, make campsite reservations and your route to your destination. You can reach out to a Vacay Holiday Deals agent to customize your trip according to your budget.
  • Catered self-drive safari/road trip: If cooking or cleaning is not your cup of tea, take out your 4×4 vehicle and go out on a game drive. You can spend your nights in a budget-friendly lodge and eat at local restaurants at your destination.


 Go on self-catered holidays


Self Catering Holiday


Families and groups benefit the most from self-catered holidays. Imagine paying the same number of beds in a hotel as opposed to renting out a cottage. Moreover, everyone gets to contribute towards the holiday kitty so you can split costs for accommodation, food and holiday essentials.

Your kids or anyone in your group who has dietary requirements may eat what they want without spending extra.

If you feel adventurous, you can buy ingredients from the local market and make local cuisines at home. This only adds to your travel experience and allows you to have a wider range of dietary on a controlled budget.

You can see the world for less. Reach out to a travel agent and find out how you can travel more this year with Lipa Holiday Na Bonga Points.