Kenyans Need A Visa To Travel To These Gorgeous Destinations

Kenyans Need A Visa

Kenyans need a visa to travel to at least 120 countries. That may seem daunting. How else are you supposed to feed your wanderlust and see all of God’s green earth if you have to face the hurdle of a visa application each time you travel? It is comforting to know that 72 countries allow […]


3 Ways To Travel Cheap In 2018 (Bonga Points Is Actually One Of Them)

Travel Cheap

Everyone deserves a break every now and then, especially if they are as hardworking as you are. You simply cannot wait to get rich before you see the world, so you must find ways to travel cheap in 2018. Apart from giving you a brief hiatus from the hustle, travel broadens your horizons, enhances your […]


Travel Goals To Have In 2018

Travel Goals

If there is a resolution that needs to be on your travel goals list for 2018, its Vacay Holiday Deals’ mantra: travel more. And with fewer excuses. 2017 has come to a close and we want to believe that you explored the many travel destinations that we put forward: Walking Street in Pattaya, towering skyscrapers […]