Fun Quiz: What’s your Travel Type?

Travel Type Fun Quiz

As the year draws to a close, you’re probably ready to take a vacation. What travel type are you?

How you identify as a traveller establishes a  central theme for your trip, blocking out those destinations you care little about while maintaining those you swoon over.

Some vacationers like to plan in advance while other go wherever life takes them, going with the flow as each day unfolds.

One person may have a list filled with daredevil escapades while another have one that includes extravagant dinners in exotic locations. This is why travel types are important for a memorable trip: they help us determine our itineraries and our vacation companions.

Whether we opt for the beach, bush, hills or palatial hotels is informed by our personalities, passions and level of adventure. To help remove the guesswork in subsequent trips, we’ve compiled a fun quiz that will help you discover your travel type.

Once you’re done, check out our travel suggestions here and here, then reach out to our travel agents to customize a trip based on your travel type.