A quick weekend getaway is easier than you think

Weekend Getaway

A weekend getaway is the perfect escape from reality. Of course, there are many other ways of distracting ourselves.

Like watching an entire season of our best-loved TV series in one sitting. Or going out to our favorite watering hole where we proceed to intoxicate ourselves with fathoms of unrestraint. The outdoorsy types will probably spend the weekend in music, shopping, and food festivals.

All these activities do very little to relax a mind and body that has been bludgeoned by a crazy work week.

Sunday night is then filled with profound levels of trepidation as we think of work deadlines and life’s demands. This can only result in the all too familiar Monday blues where we start another countdown to Friday.

Weekend getaways are a perfect way to relax, even for those who struggle to take time off or schedule an extended vacation. You probably have the following excuses not to travel:

  • I have work on Monday: True. But you have Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday to spend


Weekend Getaway Excuses



  • I can’t travel alone: Most travel companies have groups of people who book an out of town trip alone. This is a perfect opportunity to meet fellow travelers and make friends with people who share in your travel interests. So in the words of President Barrack, Yes you can! Travel alone, I mean.


Weekend Getaway Travel Excuses



  • I don’t want to drive that far: Most travel packages include a pick up from Nairobi’s CBD to your destination in a tour van. If you do not mind driving, pick a self-drive package and pace yourself through the journey. You can stop wherever you wish.


Weekend Getaway Travel Excuses



  • I can always go to that destination some other time: The time is never right to travel. Life gets in the way and before you know it, years have passed with nothing ticked off on your bucket list. There’s no time like the present, so call that travel agent now.


Weekend Getaway Excuses



  • I am broke right now: Travel does not have to be expensive. Vacay Savings Plan provides you with a secure platform to save for your holiday and redeem whenever you want.


Weekend Travel Excuses


If you plan it well, a quick weekend getaway can be a great break and even feel longer than it actually is.  Get in touch with a verified travel agent, pick a spot on the map and pack your bags in earnest. These steps if followed will help you execute a weekend getaway easier than you think.


What’s your goal?

Do you want to hit popular nightclubs in the area, go to a sports event, get pampered at a spa resort or bond with your loved ones? Or maybe you just want to explore historical sites and wildlife? Outlining your goal will make it easier to pick a destination.


Weekend Getaway Goals

Pick and book a destination

Pick an easy-to-reach destination so that you don’t spend all your time traveling to and fro. Consider places that are within a four-hour drive from home. The upside to this is that there is less packing and planning involved.

We often overlook destinations that are too close to home as potential ideas for a getaway. Here are some of our favorite spots if you live in Nairobi:

  • Amboseli National Park: Watch wild game and free-ranging elephants
  • Zaina Falls, Nyeri: Take a nature walk and learn about the area’s rich history
  • Lake Elementaita: Watch wild game and over 450 species of birds


Sirville Elementaita Pool



  • Lake Nakuru National Park: Watch birds and wild game
  • Lake Ol Bolossat: Watch birds and wild game like hippos and spotted hyenas
  • Maanzoni Sanctuary, Machakos: Enjoy bush dinners and game viewing
  • Lord Egerton Castle, Nakuru: Explore architecture and Lord Egerton’s history
  • African Heritage House, Syokimau: Enjoy African art tours and rooftop meals


Weekend Getaway African Heritage House



  • Tafaria Castle, Nyeri: Enjoy art tours, archery and horseback rides


Tafaria Castle Weekend Getaway

Source: tafaria.com


 Do something out of the norm

Try out unique lodging. If you’re a camping enthusiast, treat yourself to a luxury hotel experience. If you like to be pampered, why not try a bush experience for once? Unique experiences give us a different worldview, which is important during your brief weekend getaway. You want to come back home refreshed.

You can also fulfill a travel fantasy, from bungee jumping to balloon safaris, there’s plenty of activity to choose from. If you’re racking your brain on what activities to add to your list, here’s a listicle to get you started.

  • Spa safari: Enashipai Spa, Aberdare Spa & Safari Lodge, and Lake Bogoria Spa Resort
  • Sports tour: Cricket in the wild at Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Lewa Marathon, and Rhino Charge Challenge


Cricket Ol Pejeta


  • Water rafting/ bungee jumping: Rapids Camp, Sagana
  • Ziplining & high ropes challenge: Diguna Camp & Kisames Giraffe Camp
  • Sport fishing: Ndakaini Dam,
  • Hiking & rock climbing: Hell’s Gate National Park, Mt. Longonot, Lake Elementaita and Menengai Crater
  • Foodie trip: Ole Polos Country Club and Rolf’s Place

By the time Monday arrives, the weekend would have brought special meaning to your life.

Instead of spending Mashujaa Day weekend dreading Monday morning, why not go someplace to recharge? Find out more.