Vacay Savings Plan

Vacay Holiday Deals has found a way to make your dream holiday very affordable!
This is through an innovative, high value and high quality Vacation Savings Plan.
You no longer have to worry about how you can pay for personal and family vacations. Now, with an affordable, structured savings program, one can easily plan, provision, and save for their annual personal/family vacation.
With our members in mind, we’ve designed this program to provide you with:

  • Significant Savings – Members Save on Vacation Resort Accommodations, and Receive a Host of Popular Travel and Entertainment Savings
  • Superior Quality – Improve the Quality of Your Vacation experience through Top-Rated, Premium DestinationsOne-Stop Services – Our Program Serves as a Single-Source for all Your Vacation Planning
  • Choice – variety of High-Demand, Exclusive, and Preferred Countrywide Resorts and destinations Available to Members
  • Ease of Use – Members Enjoy Easy-to-Use Benefits, Plus Convenient and Secure Account Management and Customer Support
  • Ease of Payment – Mpesa,  Payroll Deductions, Bank Standing Orders OR Direct Debit Agreements for Regular, Easy Payments
  • Flexibility – Take Your Vacation When You Want, Where You Want Through Flexible Scheduling and Accelerated Redemption Options

How it works:

  1. A personal trust account will be assinged where you can securely make you month contributions through direct deposit, M-pesa, employer’s payroll or bank standing order.
  2. Monthly statements will be sent to you to keep track of your contribution.
  3. You can redeem your holiday whenever you want.
  4. After redeeming and ENJOYING the holiday you can restart the process of saving for your next holiday.

Contact us now and get started now and take that Vacay you have always been dreaming of!

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