The ultimate travel bucket list – 4 things to do abroad before 2018

Travel Bucket List Vacay Deals

Have you ever played the game ‘Never Have I Ever?”  This is a thoroughly entertaining game.

A player in a circle gives a statement and anyone who has done the said action at some point in their life gets to drink up.

The more things you have done in your lifetime, the more you get to drink up. The best way to enjoy this game is to make sure that you get many chances to drink liquor, so having a bucket list that is constantly updated and fulfilled is key.

How else would you have so many experiences to brag about?

Bucket lists are many and varied. Some are absurd while some are filled with deeds so good that they put you in the same league as moral heavy weights. Read Mother Theresa.

For thrill seekers, nature lovers, relaxation buffs and road trippers, there can only be one list – the ultimate travel bucket list.

This Vacay Holiday Deals travel bucket list not only turns you into a story teller, it broadens your worldview and improves your general outlook on life.


Travel bucket list item 1: Thai food, massages & ancient architecture in Bangkok

Bangkok always has something old and something new. Magnificent temples and palaces, floating markets and lip smacking cuisine make this a spiritual and architectural mecca.


Bangkok City Tour Travel Bucket List


While you are here, make sure to view the 46m long reclining Buddha at Wat Pho and drop your coins at his feet to attract good fortune.

Wat Trimit and Wat Benchamabopit are also renowned grand temples that will set your soul on fire and leave you inspired.

Afterwards, you can stop by Pattaya coral reef, an underwater world that will fill you with awe with every snorkeling episode.

After all your sightseeing has left you tired and worn out, book yourself a Thai massage from any of the numerous parlors in the city. Your shoulders will be back to where they belong after this indulgent treatment is over. Bliss.


Travel bucket list item 2: The Great Wildebeest Migration, Masai Mara & Serengeti

If you are looking for an authentic African safari, the great wildebeest migration must be included in your travel bucket list.

In this annual event, millions of wildebeest, antelope, and zebra migrate clockwise around the Mara – Serengeti ecosystem, a move that is motivated by changing rainfall patterns.


Mara Migration Travel Bucket List


Herds leave Western Serengeti and Grumeti reserve by July and cross over to Northern Serengeti where they stay till September.

Here, they divide themselves into smaller groups and cross over to the Mara where they linger until the short rains of November.

They then move back to Serengeti and calving begins again.

Depending on the time of year, you may view the Mara migration from Tanzania at the Serengeti reserve or from Kenya at the Masai Mara.

Either way, you will be in for a treat as you witness the 8th wonder of the world. 

Travel bucket list item 3: Panoramic views from Burj Khalifa’s top, Dubai

Everyone feels right at home in Dubai. Whether your are a shopaholic, foodie, historian or beach lover, you will find interesting activities to occupy your time.

The first thing you should do when you get to Dubai is to get on top of the world. Ascend the Burj Khalifa which stands at 2,717ft. and enjoy the spirit lifting views from the outdoor observatory.

As you descend to lower floors, you will hear stories of the masterminds of this architectural wonder and get to purchase a souvenir of your time there.


Burj Khalifa Travel Bucket List


Your tour of this desert splendour will not be complete without shopping at the Dubai Mall. You will have lots of luxury brands to discover, an aquarium and underwater zoo as well as a variety of cuisines from all over the world.

You can also enjoy picnics, sunbathing and kite surfing on Dubai’s golden sand beaches as well as sporting events like the Dubai Rugby Sevens. This event includes a desert safari, dhow cruise, and other fun filled activities.

To have the best experience, visit Dubai from November to March when the temperatures are a bit lower and festivals are at the height of activity.

Travel bucket list item 4: Day trips & excursions in Paris

Sightseeing will take a whole different meaning when you get to Paris. You can choose to visit museums, attend the opera, go on a wine tasting tour or browse the Pere Lachaise Cemetery.

A cemetery for a tourist attraction, you ask? Cemeteries in France are known for their cobblestone grounds, lined with beautiful trees and dramatic statues. Famous people like Oscar Wilde are known to be buried here.


Eiffel Tower Vacay Deals Travel Bucket List


The Eiffel Tower will allow you to feast your eyes with picture postcard views of the city and enjoy delicious French cuisine and a trip to the Musee de Louvre art museum will let you meet the distinguished Mona Lisa, Egyptian mummies, and other painting masterpieces.

Paris is known as the City of Lights because it was the first European city to adopt gas street lighting. We think that it’s so aptly named because a rendezvous in Paris can only leave the tourist thoroughly enlightened.

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