Masai Mara Safari Sharing Gives You One Less Excuse Not to Travel

Masai Mara Safari Sharing

Masai Mara is the crown jewel of Kenya’s tourism industry, attracting visitors who are willing to pay top dollar from all over the world. If you’re on a budget but would like to see Kenya’s wild side, consider a Masai Mara safari sharing trip. This allows you to join an existing safari to Masai Mara […]


The 2 Night Mara Flight Safari We All Deserve

Mara flight safari

‘Three days is not enough’ is what I kept mumbling to myself as I took in the soul-stirring views during my 2 night Mara flight safari with Vacay Holiday Deals. You will share the same sentiments unless you plan to stay in this charming wilderness a little bit longer – there is so much to […]


How to plan your African safari like a pro

African Safari Masai Mara

For most tourists planning an African safari, just staring at the map of Africa can be quite daunting. Perhaps that’s why President Trump created a non-existent country, Nambia in a speech directed to African leaders. It was sad, but not surprising. Africa has 54 independent countries, all with difficult names and capital cities that take […]