Romantic Getaways In Kenya Your Valentine Will Actually Love

Romantic Getaways

Romantic getaways always get our hearts beating a little bit faster especially during Valentine’s Day when the lovey dovey shower their love interests with chocolates, flowers and everything nice.

What if you pushed the envelope this V Day, and instead of decadent sweets and floral arrangements, you took your sweetheart to sights unseen?

From candlelit dinners to spa treatments and beach moments, we have romantic getaways that will give your bae pulse quickening experiences.

At the heart of Valentine’s Day is knowing your significant other well enough to plan a trip that they will truly appreciate, so don’t take them to camp in the bush if they prefer to stroll in the sand barefoot. Or take them to the spa when all they want is to zip line and bungee jump the entire time.

If you are unsure of where they stand in this spectrum, how about you interest them in this traveler type quiz? That would be a good base to plan your Valentine’s Day surprise.

Here are a few ways you can enjoy Cupid’s holiday in Kenya right now. These romantic getaways are tried, tested and true, sure to knock your bae’s socks off.

Beach getaway at Leopard Beach Resort, Diani

Leopard Beach Resort


Ring in Valentine’s Day with a romantic getaway at one of Kenya’s leading beach resort (according to World Travel Awards 2017) which among other amenities features a sauna and spa.

Here, you can pamper yourselves with indulgent spa treatments, enjoy luxurious accommodation and cool off in the sun-lit pool where ocean breezes waft across.

Visits to Diani are never complete without snorkeling sessions and visits to Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park and Wasini Island. In the evening, arrange a candlelit pool dinner and let your sweetheart bask in your love.

Alternative beach getaways: Hideaway of Nungwi, Amani Tiwi Beach Resort & Diamonds Dream of Africa.


Camping safari at Severin Tented Camp, Tsavo

Severin Safari Camp

Camping, especially for Valentine’s is reserved for the risqué, because a romantic getaway at the Tsavo allows you to cue in the wild, literally.

Severin Tented Camp has no fence, so it seamlessly blends with the wild, giving you a unique wildlife experience. Of course, Maasai warriors ensure your safety round the clock.

You and your beau get to stroll on the traditional lantern lit pathways in the evenings and explore Tsavo in the day.

There’s a lot to see, wall to wall wildlife, the imposing Mt. Kilimanjaro, famous red elephants, Roaring Rocks and Chyulu Hills. Go for a game drive and a bush walk to Mzima Springs then finish your afternoon at the infinity ying yang pool followed by a spa treatment.

Wind down the day with a bottle of fine African wine at the evening camp fire under the starry skies.

Alternative camping getaways: Paradise Lost, Mbweha Camp, Ol Moran Tented Camp, & Camp Carnelleys


Countryside getaway at Tafaria Castle, Nyeri

Tafaria Castle Nyeri

Set on a hill overlooking Mount Kenya and Laikipia Plains, Tafaria Castle takes you back to a medieval age.

Everything typical of a castle can be found here, horses, carriages, archery, and art.

You and bae can while away at the Lord’s Room or the Lost Knight’s Quarters which are within the Bailey Coffee Lounge and Moat Bar’s reach. Snuggle up around the fireplace in your room as you recount you romantic journey or sip frosty cocktails as you watch the sun descend on the Laikipia Plains.

Alternative countryside getaways: Fairmont Mount Kenya Lodge, Lalanasi Lodge & Castle Forest Lodge.


Villa Rosa Kempinski, Nairobi

Villa Rosa Kempinski Rooftop Dining


For the real 5 star experience, combine European luxury and skyline views at Villa Rosa Kempinski. Their swoon-worthy Valentine’s Day packages always give guests an otherworldly experience.

This is especially so if you can’t find time away from your job or busy schedule. You can still have a romantic getaway in Nairobi and Kempinski helps you do just that.

This hotel is no stranger to controversy. Just when people thought Villa Rosa Kempinski couldn’t outdo itself with their Night of Diamonds package, they went right ahead and offered 50 Shades of Valentines the following year.

A Villa Rosa Kempinski Valentine’s package usually consists of a limo ride, champagne, spa session, sky city excursion, 8-course meal at the hotel’s rooftop and set of diamond jewelry for the lady and diamond cufflinks for the gentleman.

This would be a fantastic way to finally pop the question. The probability of her saying no is almost non-existent.

Alternative city getaways: Ndemi Place, Radisson Blu & African Heritage House.


Spa getaway at Enashipai Resort and Spa, Naivasha

Siyara Spa Enashipai


Massage for two? Yes, please! A couple’s massage is the best way to unwind after a busy and financially demanding January.

Once your burdens have been laid down, you and bae can put all your focus on your relationship and enjoy V Day.

A stay at Enashipai Resort and Spa affords you quality time, away from distractions so the two of you can journey into each other.

Upon arrival, treat your loved one to fine dining then take a short hike or boat safari. If they are the sporty kind, offer to play golf with them. Later, visit the Maa Museum and learn more about their culture and traditions then finish up with a couple’s massage.

Alternative spa getaways:  Pinewood Beach Resort & Spa, Palacina Residence & Suites & Neptune Paradise Beach Resort, and Spa.


If you are ready to treat bae to a romantic getaway as a token of your esteem, check out our top-rated vacations and safaris or reach out to us to customize your trip.