Flight and Hotel Booking Gone Wrong – These Tweets Are Too Relatable

Flight And Hotel Booking

What’s the worst thing that has happened to you while travelling? Flight and hotel booking has to be the number one culprit of most terrible travel experiences.

All you needed was to get to your destination one hour early, only to be told that your trip would be three hours late.  So you sit on the runway for all of 120 minutes trying to calm yourself down. Your troubles were far from over.

The minute you land, you find out that your luggage was missing. At this point, you are grievously offended and cannot imagine things getting worse than that.

Until you arrive at your hotel room and it dawns on you just how similar it is to your last blind date. The hotel room does not quite live up to your expectations – most of the amenities are missing or do not appear as advertised.

What was meant to be a relaxing holiday turns out into a nightmare because you did not avoid the pitfalls of flight and hotel booking.

How do you make sure that your flight and hotel booking doesn’t give you unpleasant surprises?

Flight and hotel booking tips

  • Clear your cookie history:  Your browser history can affect what options your online booking engine shows you, resulting in higher priced flight and hotel fees. Most websites use cookies to identify you when you browse the internet.
  • Research on in-flight experiences and customer reviews: Ask your travel agent which airline has better sitting and entertainment options, more legroom or meal service. Check reviews on trip advisor to find out what others had to say about the hotel you wish to book.
  • Join a frequent flyer program: Giving your frequent flyer number during booking might get you a good seat at the plane especially if you’re a high ranking member.
  • Use the correct arrival and departure dates: Check to ensure that your flight arrives just in time for check-in at your hotel room. If you book the wrong arrival date and you end up arriving at your destination the next day, you would have paid a non-refundable fee for a room you wouldn’t use. This is especially important if you’re crossing the International Date Line which will affect your check-in dates. Have someone look over your booking before you press the ‘pay’ button.

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In the meantime, find solace in these tweets, constructed in a no-damn-given fashion, highlighting some of the worst flight and hotel experiences ever.  The Twitterverse had a lot to say on the subject and you will definitely relate to some of these experiences. Here we go.


When an airline charges extra and you’re not having it 🙅🏿🗣

When you book a seat next to a man spreader

When your patience is tested beyond measure

When bad karma happens


When your flight needs a little nudge to get started


When you start making plans for the afterlife 👼🏾


When you found out you’d played yourself


When they lose your luggage


When your luggage didn’t get the memo


When your flight’s delayed


When you came too late to the party


When you’re living in 2050 and tech hasn’t caught up with you

When you travel with kids 


When the party don’t stop in your hotel room


When you witness the Big Bang 


When your major key 🔑 just won’t work


When your flight and hotel booking was done right


When you have to face the man in the mirror


When there’s a snorer next door



When your flight tickets and hotel fees were too expensive


When you are now experimenting other modes of travel because you think flights are trash 💯