Cheap Flights From Nairobi To Zanzibar

flights from Nairobi To Zanzibar

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Nairobi to Zanzibar is a popular tourist destination and that is why you will find a lot of carriers operating the route. Kenya Airways and Fly540 are the most common airlines if you are looking for flights from Nairobi to Zanzibar.

Zanzibar consists of 2  main islands, Unguja and Pemba. It is a popular honeymoon destination given the scenic landscape and the beautiful beaches available. There are also a couple of 5-star hotels if you are looking for something luxurious.

Draped with mesmerizing shores and warm ocean breeze, Zanzibar promises pure indulgence and paradise. The golden sands and crystal seas provide the ideal contrast to the African plains and thriving wildlife and the rich history is something to write home about.

Besides the pristine beaches, there are a myriad of other things that encompass Zanzibar holidays and they include:

Visiting Cheetah’s Rock where animals and humans interact freely. A ZIPA accredited, rescue and conservation center they specialize in providing rescued wild animals with as natural and generous a habitat as possible.

You can also choose to relax and unwind in the many beaches to be found in Zanzibar. They include Isola Nakupenda, Paje, Uroa Bay, Obama beach Zanzibar, and Bwejuu beach which are almost nearby the city center.

There are also several resorts along the beach with high quality and luxury facilities that provide variety of activities like sunset cruises, water-sports, snorkeling as well diving.

The waters between Zanzibar and Pemba are home to brilliant big game fishing and are famous worldwide for the exciting chances they provide. For instance in the South at Mafi Zanzibar Island (Reserved Culture, Spice and History)

As for the adrenaline lovers, then snorkeling and scuba diving is in plenty. Snorkeling is especially easy even for first-timers. Most snorkelers use the so-called a breath-hold dive as among a swimming technique in which they take a deep breath of air through the snorkel to make a free dive. Snorkeling doesn’t need much training or specialized equipment like that of scuba diving.

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