Amboseli Safari Sharing in 3 Days: How We Did It & How You Can Do the Same

Amboseli Safari Sharing

We recently had a 3 day Amboseli safari sharing trip with the Kenya Wildlife Service and Manrik Hotels & Lodges.

We periodically have these trips to sample our client partner services and ensure that we bring our customers only the best.

It would be a gross understatement if we said that our Amboseli safari sharing experience was amazing. It was everything.

And we’re convinced that you’d share in this view if you took a 3-day break to Kenya’s elephant country.

What You Need to Know About Safari Sharing

This is a form of travel that allows you to share game drives, return transport and even accommodation with other like-minded safari enthusiasts.

Your game drive discoveries are shared and pick up and drop off is handled by a professional guide who makes sure travel goes according to schedule.

The end result? Significant savings on travel expenses and an expanded social circle.

Unlike Amboseli, Masai Mara safari sharing is very popular, what with departures scheduled every weekend.

This can only be good news for you and your crew. Fewer crowds mean a higher quality of game drives and a relaxed stay.

What You Need to Know About Amboseli National Park

Amboseli National Park is home to the African Elephant and is situated on the Southern Conservation Area.

Underground streams from Mt. Kilimanjaro feed the swamps that buffaloes and elephants love to flock to.

As a result, Amboseli National Park has been lauded as the best place in Africa to view numerous free-ranging elephants. And it’s no longer a stopover for migratory flamingos. 

Amboseli Safari Sharing

Egyptian geese on Lake Amboseli

They seem to have abandoned Lake Nakuru and have made Lake Amboseli their home in recent years.

Cultural tourism, game drives, wildlife viewing, birdwatching and camping are some of the activities that guests can enjoy here.

Park fees cost KSh800 per citizen, KSh1,030 for residents and USD60 for adults. Child citizens pay KSh 215, residents KSh 515 and non-residents USD35.

Amboseli Safari Sharing Accommodation Choices

Ol Tukai Lodge Amboseli

Ol Tukai’s moniker is a home for the gods. And rightly so. It’s situated on the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro, delivering soul-stirring views of wild game and the tallest mountain in Africa.

It also has wide manicured lawns, a swimming pool, conference facilities, beauty spa and an art boutique.

Amboseli Safari Sharing


If you want to have a unique wedding in the park, you can have the friendly Ol Tukai staff set up the multi-denominational chapel for you.

You may also enjoy a champagne breakfast in the open Amboseli plains.

Rooms are spacious and tastefully furnished, providing quality and comfort.

Kibo Villa Amboseli

Named for Mt. Kilimanjaro’s highest peak, Kibo Villa is rugged luxury overlooking Mt. Kilimanjaro. It’s a three bedroom private house nestled in flowers and lush lawns. 

The tranquil atmosphere it provides is only interrupted by bird song and baboon noises.

Amboseli Safari Sharing

Kibo Villa is held up by elegant gum poles and natural stone and is divided into 3 large master ensuite bedrooms, an equipped kitchen, lounge with cable TV, barbecue area, dining area, balcony and verandah.

Although it’s designed to accommodate up to 6 adults, extra beds can be provided for those travelling with their kids.

Amboseli Safari Sharing Itinerary

Nairobi to Amboseli

Your Amboseli safari sharing trip will usually begin at the pick-up point. In our case, we showed up bright and early at Eka Hotel in Nairobi alongside other tour operators. 

Our hosts treated us to a royal feast with all the trimmings. This gave us a chance to introduce ourselves before checking out the lavishly appointed Eka Hotel rooms and facilities.


Amboseli Safari Sharing


Breakfast and room inspection came to an end shortly after and our road trip to Amboseli began. 

Amboseli National Park is only 4 hours from Nairobi but the roads are rough. Expect a bumpy, dusty ride from Emali. 

This string of upheavals, fortunately, gives way to lush green vegetation, birds and wild game which will lift your spirits.

We arrived at Ol Tukai Lodge in the afternoon we checked in and had our lunch.

A few hours before sunset, we headed out to Observation Hill, feasting our eyes on the different animals and birds on display, from elephant to flamingoes, hyenas and gnus.

Observation Hill was all set up for us, the sunset on one side and the cocktails on the other. 

There were plenty of photography opportunities which the guests took advantage of as they washed down the delicious mshikakis with potent cocktails.


Amboseli Safari Sharing


Darkness set upon us soon enough and we started our journey back to the lodge for dinner.


Day 2 of the Amboseli safari sharing tour began with a scrumptious breakfast. 


Amboseli Safari Sharing


Mount Kilimanjaro’s imposing presence kept distracting us as well as the animals who walk freely along the lodge’s fence.

The sun came up and all the animals retreated further into the park, leaving us to participate in different team building activities until lunch time.


Amboseli Safari Sharing


Your Amboseli safari sharing experience will be slightly different, you will spend day 2 on an exhilarating game drive and come back to the lodge in the early hours of the evening.

We had a bush dinner in the evening, featuring a tasty buffet, roasted meat and lively music. 

As the night wore on, we moved our revelry to the bar until early morning.

Amboseli to Nairobi

Letting it sink that we were heading back home was the toughest part of this day. A few hours after breakfast, we all checked out and huddled our luggage on the truck back home. 

This 4 hour drive came to a halt at Eka Hotel, at the very spot where we had been picked up only 54 hours earlier.


If you’re seriously considering taking your family or friends to an Amboseli sharing experience, make sure you book with a reliable tour operator such as Vacay Holiday Deals by sending a quick email to 

Of course, if you cannot afford this safari sharing trip right away, you could trip now and pay later.